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Brainstorming Sesh '08

We've reached the time of summer that calls for creative minds. This void of basketball activity between summer league and training camp constitutes the dog days of NBA blogging. It was around this time last year that we assembled the P&T Top ten, a list of our favorite players of the last 20 or so years. Each player on the list was adopted and memorialized in post form by a member of the P&T community, culminating in what is undoubtedly my proudest achievement here at the blog. Check out a few of last year's posts. Essentially, it was a way for us to utilize these quiet days of summer while allowing me to coast and neglect my job you guys to flourish in the front page spotlight.

So. We've done our 10 favorite players, and I'm looking for a new project of this year. Ideas that I've already had or heard include Top 10 Scrubs, Top 10 Great Games, and Top 10 Bizarre Moments, all within the last 20 or so years, given what appears to be a pretty low median age of P&T users. I'm partial both to the first one (remembering Chris Dudley would be a treat) and the last one (remembering the time Antonio Davis ran into the crowd would also be interesting), but I'm opening it up to your thoughts and additional concepts. I want this to be something fresh and enjoyable that elicits the untapped talents of the Posting and Toasting community. Let yourself be heard in the comments.