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Breaking: Duhon Reaches Agreement With New York

From The Sporting News, the news is out that Chris Duhon has agreed to sign with the Knicks for a 2-year deal worth approximately $12 million, or just about the full MLE. The signing can't officially be made until the 9th, but the deal is all but official.

"Chris could have shopped himself around more, but in the end, he wanted a fit where he felt comfortable and he knew what kind of opportunity he would be getting," Bradbury said. "He wasn't worried about trying to find more money on the market or anything like that. He wanted the right situation, and this just felt like the right situation."

Fair enough. At least we know the guy wants to be here. It remains to be seen whether or not this means the end of Stephon Marbury in New York. Probably not, but some sources maintain that he's toast. More on this later, but for now, have a happy (and dry) July 4th. Peace.