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Any Day Now, Any Day Now

You've surely heard the rumors that the forthcoming signing of Chris Duhon spells the end of the Stephon Marbury era in New York. Be it via buyout, release, or an unlikely trade, the general consensus is that Steph X will be swiftly excommunicated from Manhattan soon after Duhon's arrival. You've heard from me that it's a bit hasty to send off a serviceable player with a year left on his contract, but Walsh and D'Antoni seem to believe that he's too poisonous of a locker room presence to even keep around, and I have no basis to refute that. Nothing can be done until Wednesday, but until then, take a look at these particularly appetizing numbers for a sec. From B-Ref:

1998-1999 Minnesota Timberwolves: 25-25 (lockout season)

1999-2000 Minnesota Timberwolves: 50-32

2000-2001 New Jersey Nets: 26-56

2001-2002 New Jersey Nets: 52-30

2003-2004 Phoenix Suns: 29-53

2004-2005 Phoenix Suns: 62-20

2007-2008 New York Knicks: 23-59

2008-2009 New York Knicks: ????

If Marbury shall indeed be released, expect an epic farewell for one of the most befuddling and bloggable players of recent memory.