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Free Agency Begins

It's  July 9th, meaning dozens of home addresses will be changing and a lot of money is going to be spent. In New York, it means that the Knicks will finally sign Chris Duhon away from Chicago by day's end. Interestingly, Stephon Marbury is not expected to be bought out until later in the summer.

Duhon, 25, was brought in to fill a desperate need for a playmaking guard among a roster of scoring guards. He was given assurances that he will contend for the starting position, but he wasn't brought here to beat out Marbury for the job like Steve Francis was in that ill-fated, Larry Brown-endorsed trade in February 2006. When training camp opens in October, Duhon shouldn't expect to see Marbury opposite him.

Most of the Knicks players aren't expecting Marbury to be there, despite his reported plans to come to Las Vegas this weekend to participate in voluntary workouts with other Knicks veterans while the team prepares for the NBA Summer League opener Monday. Marbury's effort to show up in Vegas is viewed by some teammates as a ploy, not a sincere effort.

"He's trying to show he's still dedicated," said one Knicks player, who asked not to be identified. "Come on, man, your teammates know. We see it every year."

That last little zinger irks me. Like him or not, it's just not cool to go all no-name beefing in the media like that. What if he sticks around? These things don't help build the chemistry of the team, though in all likelihood Marbury will be gone within weeks. I'm looking at you, Danilo. I know it was you. You can't be saying shit like that. Not yet.

Anyway, I'll be gone all day, as I am every summer weekday, so if any news comes about regarding the signing (it's done, it isn't done, Duhon fled to Iceland, there's an ink shortage, etc.), I'd appreciate if some brave P&T citizen started a little thread in the FanPosts. Good stuff. I love you all very much. Have a magnificent day.