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Knicks Introduce Duhon


Chris Duhon is now a Knick, jersey and all. It appears that our newest addition will be donning the #1. Perhaps he'll follow in the footsteps of our last Chris to wear #1, Chris Childs, and contribute some hard-nosed defense and apt point guard play. Maybe he'll also thrash Kobe Bryant's face at some point. Those are big shoes to fill.

From, here's what Du had to say:

"I had a great conversation with Coach D'Antoni," Duhon said Wednesday after being introduced to the media at Madison Square Garden. "To have the opportunity to play in his system is going to improve my game. It's a challenge. Are the Knicks one of the best teams in the league? No, but the opportunity to be a part of a change is great, and is something I am looking forward to. When I went to the Bulls, we were in the same situation, and we were able to turn that around. That was a great feeling, and a great experience for me."

"His (D'Antoni's) style of play is great for point guards," said Duhon. "He gives them a lot of freedom and the opportunity to make decisions on the run, and I feel like I've been prepared for that. I'm looking forward to that opportunity and that type of control."

Also mentioned is the fact that Duhon has played before with Eddy Curry in Chicago, so the two have some knowledge of each other's games. I hadn't considered that. Can't hurt, I guess. Anyway, despite being a Dukie, and the fact that he's been terribly uninteresting to date, I expect that Chris Duhon will have something valuable to offer in the coming season. Whether that's noteworthy play on the court or blog-worthy antics off it, we'll take it.