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A Few of Your Favorite Scrubs

I'm going to be out of town and at the computer only intermittently this weekend, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to start compiling names for our Favorite Scrubs project of '08 (which seemed to be the favorite in our discussion). So, without any ranking or reasoning necessary, this thread is for dropping the names of those end-of-the-bench guys you found most intriguing or entertaining. We're keeping the time frame pretty recent; the last 20 years, let's say. Remember that the best guys to choose are the ones whose Knick legacies are worthy of a couple hundred words, maybe some funny anecdotes and pictures, and even a video or two. So, let's get a nice pool of names, and in a day or two the next step will be to make some top 10 rankings and get a blog-wide list of favorites. Then we'll start assigning posts.

Some names to start: Jerome James, Chris Dudley, Frank Williams, Rick Brunson