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The Scrubdown

Voting is closed and the numbers have been crunched (by Brendan, my number-crunching wolverine). Behold your Official Posting and Toasting Scrubdown, a collection of our most beloved benchwarmers of recent memory.

...picture's not working....


...wait for it...


Bam! There you go. At the one spot, we've got Big Snacks, Mr. Jerome James. Batting second is a bit of a surprise, the affable Rick Brunson. At third is the ever-enigmatic Qyntel Woods, at fourth the ever-uncoordinated Chris Dudley. Rounding it out is none other than Matt Barnes, who forcefully robbed Shandon Anderson to get my fourth-place vote and sneak into the top 5. As you can see, I did make it a top 5 instead of a top 8. The voting, unfortunately, was pretty light this year, and I was worried that we wouldn't have enough people to volunteer to write posts. If there's someone that you really think you could do a good job with, then let me know. This is more about the memorial posts than it is about the countdown. We all know who's doing Matt Barnes (and, in my opinion, should do Qyntel Woods). I'd like to do Jerome James, but would be happy to let someone else give it a try. Other than that, we've got Brunson and Dudley that need memorializing. Volunteer in the comments.

By the way, the runners-up, if you'd like to post on someone not in the top 5, were Randolph Morris, Scott Brooks, Travis Knight, and Mardy Collins.