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Sunday Maned Wolves


Greetings, comrades. It's a lovely Sunday morning and we've got a few links worth mentioning today.

- Ken Berger is of the opinion that James Dolan's open house for Knick investors doesn't mean he's going to be out of the picture anytime soon.

Dolan's gesture to investors - allowing them to voice concerns during a "listening tour" last week - seems to have been little more than a head fake. People knowledgeable about MSG in particular, and the sale of sports franchises in general, tell Newsday that it's premature to run out onto Seventh Avenue traffic and celebrate Dolan's departure from the Garden of Ills.

"I would say the most likely buyer is probably some group headed by Jim Dolan, personally, because Jim seems to get a lot of pleasure out of those particular assets," an expert in the field of sports and media transactions told Newsday.

Me, I'm a dreamer. What if Dolan's surrender of the media policy was the first step towards leaving the team completely? Dolan stewing on the baseline with his head in his hands has never struck me as "pleasure", and I wouldn't be surprised if he's ready to get his name out of the mix and avoid the headache. Then again, I'm no expert in the field of sports and media transactions.

- Barnesgasm catches up with Renaldo Balkman on his way to Denver. Let's just say you won't see him in a Nuggets jersey for a few months.

- The deal is finalized. The Knicks are coming to my school for training camp in the first week of October. Brace yourselves.

- I love him, but I don't see Ben Gordon working as a Knick. Especially not while Jamal Crawford's in town.

- A couple days old, but Knickerblogger found some video from Donnie Walsh's town hall meeting with season ticket holders.

- Countless P&T citizens over the years have pestered me with emails asking if I had any evidence of John Starks eating out of a gigantic bowl made of lettuce. Well, friends, ask and ye shall receive.

That's all for now, pipsqueaks. Enjoy the rest of your weekends. Coming soon, the next installment of the Scrubdown, featuring Arichmix and Chris Dudley.