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Thursday Cacomistles


I'm baaaack. Hope everyone had a nice couple of days while I was on a mini-vacation. While I was gone, the Knicks made a little bit of news. Let's get to it.

- As my SBN comrade Ben Q. Rock was nice enough to post, the Knicks added executive John Gabriel to their front office staff. Gabriel is a former exec of the year who rebuilt the Magic in the post Shaq 'n' Penny years. He's also been behind the scenes in Portland for a couple of years. From the Times article, here's what to expect from Gabriel:

Donnie Walsh, the team president, appointed Gabriel as the director of pro scouting and free agency, a newly created position. Gabriel’s primary duty will be evaluating current N.B.A. players, with an eye toward future trades and free-agent signings.

Sounds like we can expect Gabriel to be out of the picture most of the time. He'll probably be doing a lot of snooping and traveling, acting as a sort of right hand man for Walsh. Also added to the staff was Misho Ostarcevic, who will be Director of Player Personnel, whatever the hell that means. Here's what the two new guys look like, for future reference. As usual, when Google Images fails to produce a certain result, I use my own resources.

A_gabriel_sp_medium Sweetums_medium

Gabriel, Ostarcevic

- The Knicks preseason schedule is set, and all seven games will be against Atlantic Divison opponents. The preseason kicks off in Toronto and includes three stops to the Garden.

- Danilo Gallinari has withdrawn from the Italian national team. The Italians didn't qualify for this year's Olympics, and begin the qualification process this week. Apparently, Danilo's back is still bothering him a bit, although word has it he'll be ready to go in time for training camp in Saratoga. He better be. I had a whole sledding excursion planned out for the two of us.

- I knew that Eddy Curry was a gymnast as a child, but I did not know that he can still do a blackflip. (Not a video. Don't get too excited.)

- Head over to Son of Dippin for updates on Renaldo Balkman's journey to Denver, as well as some shit about Mongolia.

- Qyntel Woods is up next in the Scrubdown, and ny knickerbocker's got the duty of memorializing the Knick great. I'm a little excited.

That's it for the moment. Backatcha later.