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Good News for NYC Eardrums?

From Bob Raissman at the Daily News (who has an absolutely exquisite mustache), we're getting word that the notoriously hysterical Gus Johnson's future as Knick broadcaster may be a bit dicey.

Well-embedded NBA broadcasting moles, pausing to stop shaking their Redeem Team pom-poms, said Johnson's contract with MSG expired following the 2007-08 season. They report he's currently in negotiations with MSG suits.

How are the negotiations going? Here's where it gets sticky. The same sources said MSG Network brass - boss Mike Bair and executive producer Lydia Murphy-Stephans- are playing hardball with Johnson over terms of a new deal.

Would these two be bubbleheaded enough not to ink Johnson? The Excitable One has spent 10 seasons as part of MSG's Knicks radio team - the past five as the Knicks' No. 1 radiocaster, working with veteran analyst John (Legend) Andariese.

The fact that it's almost September and MSG has not come to terms with Johnson is a tad strange. Especially considering what's taking place on the court.

Raissman goes on to express the sentiment that if the Knicks are planning a turnaround on the court, Johnson's excitement and unwavering enthusiasm would be a nice soundtrack. Although I do find him a little over-the-top at times, I'd be disappointed to see another classic MSG voice leave town. Let's not forget this either. Don't let Gus go!