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Catching Up With Charlie Ward


L. Scott Hainline/ Houston Chronicle

Nice article in the Houston Chronicle catching up with a longtime Knick from a bygone era. Charlie Ward, who spent a couple seasons post-playing as an assistant coach with the Rockets, has returned to the game that won him a Heisman Trophy in 1993. Ward begins his first season as a head coach of Westbury Christian tonight in Houston. With proffesional-caliber skills in basketball, football, and baseball (he was drafted by both the Brewers and the Yankees), Ward was arguably one of the most talented all-around athletes on the planet in the mid-90's. It's great to see such a stellar competitor staying with one of the games he loves. His outfit, on the other hand, leads me to believe that he's got a second career up his sleeve. Charlie Ward's night job, after the jump...


Coaching high school football..or chasing after a mischeivous monkey with an appetite for destruction? You be the judge.