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Knicks Add Ewing

...but not the one you might think. Patrick Ewing Jr., son of the Knicks legend and 2008 second round draft pick, was acquired today in exchange for...Frederic Weis. Marc Berman explains:

In a minor deal, the Knicks acquired forward Patrick Ewing Jr. from the Rockets for the draft righst to - center Frederic Weis. Yes, believe it or not, the Knicks still had the rights to their first-round pick in 1999 - the French stiff who spurned the NBA.

Mini-Ewing was a side dish in the Ron Artest deal, and didn't have much of a shot on the forward-heavy Rockets. Here in New York, his chances aren't a sure thing, either. He's another medium-sized athletic forward on a team that just donated Renaldo Balkman, so Ewing's got to prove that he's got what it takes to sap playing time from the likes of Wilson Chandler, Quentin Richardson, Jared Jeffries, and Danilo Gallinari. Also interesting is that Mini-Ewing becomes the 16th player on what will eventually be a 15-man roster. Typically, a gawky forward with limited offensive skills would be a sure training camp cut, but Donnie Walsh sounds intrigued:

"I like him a lot,'' Walsh said after the draft. "We were trying to get picks in the first round and he would’ve been one of the guys in my mind. I think he could be a good addition to an NBA team because he’s a glue guy."

Given the rumors that Stephon Marbury will be elsewhere by summer's end, there is at least some shot that Ewing might not be the odd man out come October. Should Ewing actually be a future Knick, I don't really see the logic. I've got nothing against the guy, but it stings a little to see P&T favorite Renaldo Balkman hastily shipped out of town, only to be replaced by a considerably less interesting clone. I trust Walsh's eye for talent, but I won't fully be on board until Pat Jr. grows some dreadlocks and starts doing the Goo Punch dance on the sidelines.

Meanwhile, I wonder if Frederic Weis knows he's been traded? I like to imagine that, even though he never made it in the NBA, Frederic still considers himself a Knick at heart. Weis plays professionally in Spain, but his bedroom in France is plastered with Knicks posters and pennants, and he sleeps with a Kurt Thomas bobblehead. One of these days Weis will get word that his rights are now held by Houston, and he'll tearfully shred his Latrell Sprewell poster, tear down his "Knicks 2000" license plate, and kick his white Starburys out the window. Poor Frederic.


What the hell do I do with my Knicks cube ottoman now?

Anyway, share your thoughts on this minor deal in the comments. Does anyone think Mini-Ewing is worth a shot? Does anyone want to write a farewell haiku for Frederic Weis? Speak up.