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Scrub Judgment Day

I'll be at my place of work from this morning until tomorrow evening for the dreaded camp overnight. I figured I'd take this opportunity to hold voting for the first-ever Posting And Toasting Top Scrubs Countdown List Bonanza. Voting is easy enough, just make a username if you don't have one already and comment on this post with your favorite scrubs ranked 1 through 8, 1 being the most good. I chose 8 because 5 feels too few and 10 seems a bit ambitious, but I'm open to change. I'll give us until sometime Friday night to vote, and then I'll tally that shit up like my name was Archimedes. A first place vote counts as 8 points, second place is 7, and so on. For our compilation of some juicy scrub names, refer to this post. Keep in mind that the eventual Top 8 will be memorialized in long post form, so don't give a guy a lot of points unless you can envision a thorough, entertaining post being written in his honor. Also remember that we're not necessarily going after serviceable players. Maybe, even the opposite. Comic value and character hold high value at Posting and Toasting. Alright, get to work! If you have any questions, I'm not here, so ask your mom.