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Get Your Ewing Jr. Jersey

So, we have an answer to a question asked previously in these parts. Patrick Ewing Jr., as it turns out, will be respectfully leaving his father's number in the rafters and wearing the number 6. Says Mini-Pat:

"It was my dad's Olympic number, and Bill Russell's number, who was my favorite player."

And on forgoing the number 33:

"My dad's jersey's hanging up there in the rafter's for a reason," he said. "The only reason I wore 33 at Georgetown is because they don't retire numbers. I felt like I did 33 for him there, and now I can do six here and it's another way to honor him."

Sounds good. We all know what he's really getting at, though. Pat Jr. is saluting the golden age of Pat Sr.'s career, the pinnacle of a superstar run.


The glory days

Meanwhile, we sit and wait for a deal to be made as training camp steadily approaches. I'm personally in shambles waiting for this deal to happen. Today I sneezed while I was tying my shoe in a seated position and kneed myself in the face. I'm a mess. For my sake, Donnie, make this thing happen.