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Gallinari Still Hurting

We haven't heard from Danilo Gallinari in some weeks. Last news we heard was that he was in Italy with the Olympic team, but then they didn't qualify or something, but then they were playing the qualifier for next time or something. I'm basically illiterate, so these things are over my head. Mr. Alan Hahn, though, catches us up with Il Gallo.

Danilo Gallinari's back still isn't 100 percent and now, with two weeks to go before training camp opens, the Knicks are starting to get concerned.


Gallo just got into New York this week to get settled in New York and prepare for camp, which opens Sept. 30 in Saratoga Springs.

If Gallinari is still experiencing pain in the back -- it's really more related to his hamstrings and hips -- I would be surprised if the Knicks would allow him to play through it.

Oh...balls. Let's hope this is a fluke injury and not an indicator of a big man too fragile for NBA competition. If you can't withstand a couple summer league belly bumps from Robert Traylor, then you're gonna have quite a bit of trouble surviving through the real deal.

Meanwhile, I hope this doesn't mean that Danilo is going to miss camp up here in Saratoga. I was hoping to take him off-campus and capitalize on his sweet outside stroke to play a little beirut with the upperclassmen, you know? I had a victory dance planned and everything.

I also just ordered a Gallinari t-shirt jersey...