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A Meaningless Poll on a Quiet Tuesday

It's pretty quiet in Knicks world right now and I'm still settling into school, so here's a quick poll to keep you thinking. With the recent acquisition of Patrick Ewing Jr., the Knicks boast quite a lineup of prodigious dunkers. Among them are:

Patrick Ewing Jr.: 2008 NCAA Dunk Contest participant

David Lee: 2001 High School Dunk Contest winner

Nate Robinson: 2006 NBA Dunk Contest winner

Fred Jones: 2004 NBA Dunk Contest winner

Wilson Chandler: Not a bad dunker himself

So, simple question. Who would win a dunk contest? Remember that in-game dunking ability doesn't necessarily translate into creativity on the contest stage. Let's say we're taking the dunker at the prime of his dunking career. Vote or die.