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Donnie Walsh: "Nuh-uh!"


All the sources said Stephon Marbury would be something else- a Clipper, a Heat, a dust bunny- by week's end. The one sources that counts, though, says otherwise:

Walsh said through a spokesman, "He is coming to training camp. We have not approached Stephon about a buyout."

So there you go. No doubt about it, Steph will be at Skidmore next week. I like the discussion that's going on about whether cutting Marbury is the right thing to do. I've personally given in to his buyout, mostly because I think it's time for the Knicks to move forward culture-wise, and partly because I couldn't care less that James Dolan loses money. I'll miss his antics, but Steph deserves a fresh start, and so do the Knicks. If he does stick around, things will probably be alright. I have faith in our new leadership.

Meanwhile, speaking of fresh starts, the horror stories are true. That post article goes on to say that Allan Houston will, indeed, be attending camp this year, hoping to at least get a job on the bench if he can't make the team. Like I've said before, I've got nothing against Houston, but it's pretty aggravating when guys like Renaldo Balkman gets traded and Bobby Jones gets cut without touching a basketball so that a 37 year-old can attempt a longshot comeback bid.

Them's the newses. Thoughts?

Update: Allan Houston's name is now in the SBN database for taggable players. Oy.