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Report: Walsh Had Cancer Removed

There had been some speculation around these parts that Donnie Walsh's gravelly voice was the product of a lifelong smoking habit. Turns out Walsh was a big-time smoker, so much so that he had to have cancer surgically removed from his tongue at the beginning of the summer.

"My doctor says he got it all," Walsh, 67, told the newspaper. "Luckily, it was caught quickly before it could spread."

Walsh, hired by the Knicks in April to replace Isiah Thomas, told the Post he felt like he has "marbles in his mouth," and that his tongue remains slightly numb, three months after the hour-long operation performed at New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Walsh said the cancer was diagnosed after a routine physical he had upon joining the Knicks.

Great to know Walsh's surgery was successful, and that we'll have our president in good hands and at relatively full strength in the coming season. Thanks to PPisthetruth34 for the tip...despite that foul username.