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Knicks in Saratoga: 9/30/08

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So, as you might know, the Knicks are having their training camp at Skidmore College, which happens to be my learning institution of choice. After some negotiations with the Knicks management, I got a chance to head down to camp today and mingle with the New York media to take a look. I've got some video and whatnot coming later, but for now, a few notes of interest.

- Eddy Curry was not in the building today, and has apparently been stricken with a pretty nasty bug. Coach D'Antoni said he was feverish and throwing up this morning, so we may not be seeing him for another day or two.

- Danilo Gallinari spent minimal time on the court, and spent most of practice stretching out and riding a stationary bike.

- Allan Houston can still J. No doubt about it.

- Wilson Chandler jumper looks like it's coming along quite a bit.

- Knicks spokesperson Jonathan Supranowitz, for everything I've said about him in the past, is a very helpful, friendly individual. The same goes for pretty much everyone I dealt with.

Again, there's plenty more where that came from, but I just thought I'd give you guys a little update in the meantime.