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Knicks in Saratoga: 9/30/08 Evening Practice

Hey guys. I've got video of some training camp footage and conversations from this morning coming as soon as I can get it on to a computer. In the meantime, I headed back to the gym this evening to catch some more practice. D'Antoni's drills reflect his coaching style like you wouldn't believe. They ran 3-on-3 fast break drills and 5-on-5 drills where the offensive team had to score with 8 on the shot clock. A few player key-ins from the day's second meeting.

Allan Houston- I must say, Allan's touch looks as sweet as ever, and he was holding his own defending quicker guys like Marbury and Crawford. He didn't participate at all in some of the faster 5-on-5 drills, but H20 looks surprisingly fresh overall.

Nate Robinson- Nate was his usual self on offense. He knows his guys well and his point guard instincts appear to be improving as they have each year. Nate did appear to be either lapsing in attention or dogging it in a few of the drills, though, and was the last guy back on D a couple times.

Jared Jeffries- It was the very first day of D'Antoni's system, but even so, Jeffries had a bit too much trouble keeping up in drills. He was loafing and missing directions three and four repetitions into a drill and throwing things off for the whole team. Jared did, however, block Dan Grunfeld's shot so forcefully it startled me.

Anthony Roberson- Anthony Roberson can shoot the damn lights out. He's got a lot of confidence in his shot and simply cannot be left open on the perimeter. Said Steph to Donnie Walsh, "he's like a mini Allan Houston!".

Quentin Richardson- Q's intensity is almost frightening. He's clearly feeling the heat of Wilson Chandler reaching for his starting 3 spot. Richardson was animated all night, screaming, spiking balls, and throwing towels after any miscues in the scrimmages. You can tell he sets the tone for the younger guys by taking practice so seriously.

Wilson Chandler- Wil's looking as physical and active as ever, and the jumper is falling more than it was last year. Still needs some work, though.

Chris Duhon- I wasn't too happy when the Knicks signed Chris Duhon, but it's obvious that the guy's an intelligent basketball player. He got D'Antoni's complex drills down quickly and was often the one directing traffic and correcting the mistakes of guys like Jeffries. Du's shot wasn't falling all that consistently, but I like his overall game and the way he carries himself on the court.

Stephon Marbury- Steph's running well, shooting well, and looking healthy. He appears upbeat and focused at all times. For all his offcourt hijinks, the man is all business between the baselines.

Patrick Ewing, probably going to break a backboard this year. His dunks always looked ferocious on TV, but up close it becomes even more apparent that he absolutely thrashes the rim. Didn't get to see him shoot much, but his form isn't all that bad.

Danilo Gallinari- Spent most of the evening doing PT-type stuff, but he did get some outside shots up and did a few passing drills. No running or jumping for Gallo, though.

Zach Randolph- Zach may have dropped some weight, and he's running the court surprisingly well.

Eddy Curry: Still a no-show. Didn't get word on whether or not he's still yakking in the hotel room.

Jerome James- ...can get rim. Just saying.

That's it for the moment. I probably won't be able to make it to practice tomorrow, but I plan on being back Thursday and Friday. I hope to have the video I got from today up by tomorrow night. In the meantime, I beg you guys to submit some creative but well-intentioned questions for players and coaches via comment or email over the next few days.