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Jamal Speaks

Jamal Crawford has long been one of the Knicks' primary offensive weapons, but not the most vocal or intimate character from a fan's perspective. Until now. Over at Newsday, JC's got a new blog going. It's called Crawful to Crawesome (kind of a crawkward title if you ask me), and he starts things off with a bang. The very first post is titled "So you think I'm a loser..." and addresses the list of knocks on Jamal's game. He's understandably defensive but fairly reasonable, and it's a good read overall. A sample:

SHOT SELECTION: This is the biggest area that I HAVE to improve on and where I'm criticized the most...and for good reason. I HONESTLY feel like I can make every shot that I take. You have to understand that's how I feel when I play. Some nights it happens but a lot of times it doesn't. And I believe this along with WINNING is the difference in me being a good player and a great player.

I'm going to continue to get better at it...I know you're probably thinking, 'he's in his ninth year, if it hasn't happened already, it won't.' There's some truth to that, but to me, I don't believe it. Like I said I'm going on my ninth coach in nine years and each had a different philosophy on how they wanted to use me. But through it all I've gotten better each year I've been in the league. And the best is still yet to come....

Check out the whole thing for more on JC criticism, as well as his thoughts on the future of the team. One last point of interest:

First off, let me start off by admitting that I do read the blogs every now and then. Maybe I shouldn't, but I like to know what our fans think and what people are saying...And not just always the positive stuff that they tell me when they see me in person (lol)

Reading the blogs, eh, Jamal? So maybe he read when I called him "bicurious"? Hmm...

Anyway, take a look. Hopefully he'll keep it up throughout the season. If I see him at training camp, I'll make sure to mention it.