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Friday Bearded Seals


Greetings, snitches. It's a lovely Friday afternoon, and there are a few stories of interest in the world of the Knicks. Let's peruse the the day's events, shall we?

- The Randolph-to-Memphis rumors are resurfacing, this time in earnest. ESPN is reporting that the Knicks have an offer on the table for the Grizz-men that would trade the Lefty Southpaw for notably mediocre foreigners Darko Milicic and Marko Jaric. I get the feeling from past comments that we're mostly on board with dumping Randolph at all costs, and this deal is probably as good as any. Darko adds some defensive chops to the Knicks' sagging frontcourt, while Jaric could contribute his supply of hair gel and unfiltered cigarettes to the locker room. His contract does extend past 2010, but is considerably cheaper than that of Randolph. Check out The Knicks Blog for more updates on that front.

- Next, big congratulations to Mr. Patrick Ewing, who enters the Hall of Fame today. Matt Wong of ESPN has a nice piece about the Big Man's legacy in New York. As someone whose most vivid memory is of Ewing getting his wrist broken by Andrew Lang, I have little to offer. Like many people my age, Ewing was the figure who got me interested in the Knicks, and the first guy I'd ever pretend to be on the playground. Number 33 set the table for kids like me to get interested in the Knicks, and I owe much of my fandom to watching his dazzling play before I even knew what a legend I was witnessing. Hats off to Pat.

- Barnesgasm celebrates his 200th post the traditional way: with babies dancing to iO commercials.

- Wilson Chandler considers Malik Rose a mentor. Someone needs to end this quickly before he starts pulling chairs.

- UPDATE: One more thing: apparently the Knicks are number one in the league, at least in one regard. (Tip of the hat to Skeets).

That's all for now, friends. Have a good in weekend and I'll be in touch.