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The Randolph Deal Draws Closer


Any actual deal is unlikely to happen for a few days, but it appears that the rumored Knicks-Grizzlies deal is nearing action. (Tip of the hat to Ghostface).

Walsh, the Knicks president, confirmed Saturday that the Knicks are in talks with the Memphis Grizzlies about a possible deal for Zach Randolph, the veteran power forward who doesn't fit into Mike D'Antoni's up-tempo offense.

"There is no deal," Walsh said over the telephone early Saturday. "We've spoken to Memphis but there is nothing happening so far."

A source close to the negotiations said that a trade is unlikely to take place before Monday. Walsh refused to comment on a report in Memphis Commercial Appeal that claims the Knicks would be required to pick up part of the deferred payments Randolph is owed over the final three years of his contract that will pay him $48 million.

Considering that previous reports suggested the trade being originally pitched by Memphis, I would imagine that both sides are ready to make the deal happen. Though Walsh refused comment on those deferred payments, it's probably some sort of money snag that's slowing things down. This poll is up everywhere else in the world, but I guess we should get a formal sense of what the mood is at P&T.