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"Genesis is hot."

The long-awaited and hopefully imminent Zach Randolph deal remains in the background, but I thought I'd turn our attention today to more interesting matters. Tommy Craggs' new piece on Stephon Marbury at Deadspin (quoted in Barnes' Fanshot) is an instant classic in the field of Marbology. Put simply it is a conversation between Marbury, a Christian devout enough to check into hotels under the name JCIMS (take a guess) and an atheist. Given Steph's penchant for vagrant, mystical conversation, one can imagine the exchange that ensues. If you haven't read it, I urge you to check it out. A sample:

"If your mind can transform thoughts to create rockets to go into space, who is to say if an Ark was built? Like, if you could build spaceships to go from off this ground, to go up into the sky, and go land on the moon — you're saying, these things can't happen? So everything gets challenged, you understand what I'm saying?"

I did not, but he was rolling now.

"So at that time, they probably would say, 'Nobody can make a rocket to go up into space.' You know what I'm saying? Who's gonna build it, how they gonna built it to go all the way up?"

The funny thing is that you can sort of see what he's getting at. This most recent episode in the wild journey of Marbury's Knick career has convinced me that I should isolate posts on the topic into a category called "Marbology", not unlike similar banks of another player's teachings. Oh, that and I still need to do the Jerome James Scrubdown post.