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Du Gives Back

Nice article about Chris Duhon in today's NY Times. Du's a Slidell, Louisiana native, so when the Knicks visit New Orleans, he takes time to help out a community still reeling from Hurricane Katrina.

So, across the street from a charter school to which a majority of the displaced students are still bused more than three years after the hurricane, Duhon entered a vehicle with a sign that warned, “No cash or narcotics kept on premises.”

The bus is part of the city’s Children’s Health Fund, aimed at promoting health and fitness. It is equipped with all the gadgets to make it a moving medical facility and is one of Duhon’s many endeavors here.

After Sunday’s practice, as most of his teammates hurried off to watch the Giants' playoff game, Duhon rushed off to where he always goes during his visits here — to his community.

“This is home for me,” Duhon said. “I know how rough it was to get where I am. Especially with the devastation of the hurricane, I just want to give the children the same opportunity that I had.”

Good to see Duhon gives just as much as he takes from a community in need. In all seriousness, though, Du sets a good example for the rest of the guys on the team, and is just one more example of the good deeds that so often go unnoticed around the NBA.