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Eddy Curry did what now?

Before I post anything, let me mention that this comes from the New York Post: the very same paper that reported that Eddy Curry may be headed to the Blazers. So, remember who we're dealing with. That said, here's the story. I'll skip the tabloid details in this space, but the upshot is that Eddy Curry is reported to be facing a sexual harassment suit from a former driver of his for a number of fairly twisted allegations. For what it's worth, Curry's always come across like a benevolent dude and a family man as well. From everything we've heard in the past, he seems like the last candidate for criminal endeavors.

I have little to say on this until the rumors are substantiated and acknowledged by the team, but god damn. Just when we thought the days of messy trials and organizational paranoia were behind us, there's this. Maybe it's a sick prank, maybe it's just the Post capitalizing on a disgruntled attention-seeker, but it's scary. Both as a fan of Eddy Curry and a fan of a Knicks team that desperately needs a PR boost, I find the prospect of another reputation-smearing trial sickening. Such a shame that it has to come immediately after a fantastic win, too. More on this as it comes, I guess. I thought we were done with this garbage.

(Hat tips to Prez and Fundefined on the catch.)

Update: Curry:

"He had approached my friends and me a while back trying to get money and stuff like that," Curry said. "I just never thought – especially with the past that me and him had – I never thought that it would go past where it did, which is idle threats; ‘I want some money or else’ kind of stuff.

"I guess it’s just like a prime example of you just gotta watch who you have around you," he continued. "This is a guy who, I really thought was my friend up until the last four or five months. I can’t even believe this has happened.”