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Hey, I can make up trades too!

This isn't usually my cup of tea, (I don't even DRINK tea. Duh.) but I just couldn't resist the opportunity to float this trade idea. Getting a close look at the Hornets' roster last night lead me to believe two things:

1. New Orleans sure has a lot of centers.

2. New Orleans sure needs more bench scoring.

With this and the Knicks' best interests in mind, I came up with this brilliant trade idea. See if you can follow:

New York receives C Hilton Armstrong

New Orleans receives G Nate Robinson

When I asked the trade machine about this deal, it started panting and humping my leg. Little bugger LOVED it.

Now, once you wrap your head around that, let me explain. The Knicks get some much-needed frontcourt defensive help in Armstrong. "H.A.", as I like to call him, is ideal : a skinny, awkward 7-footer who can block shots, but is currently buried in the Hornets rotation. He's also due a qualifying offer in the magical year of 2010.

Meanwhile, the Hornets showed last night that their bench doesn't have very much firepower, especially in the backcourt. Nate's got the fast-acting shooting touch (well, not at the moment, but you know) to keep Byron Scott's offense alive when Paul and Butler leave the floor. A bench weapon like Nate can play a huge role in a tight playoff series. Plus, his contract expires this summer, so it's not a long-term commitment.

Anyway, I promise I won't do this too often, as I generally dislike such endeavors. Thoughts? Alternative deals that send Nate away for a big man?