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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Rockets- 1/26/09


Name that player (without doing any research) for 10 P&T points. 100 points gets you a free sexy massage from me, so don't take this lightly. The Knicks return home tonight to face the Rockets. Worth watching is D'Antoni's rotation. Wilson Chandler and Al Harrington are expected to switch starting and bench roles, while Danilo Gallinari should be back in action. I'm especially interested to see what kind of burn Wil gets and how performs with the second unit.

Meanwhile, I've got no clue which of the Rockets will actually play, since pretty much the entire city of Houston is day-to-day. In any event, this is your spot for comments throughout the night. I'm probably gonna miss a fat chunk of this game, so if I recap, it'll probably be from the Knicks in 60 rewind. If anybody else is interested, though, I'd be happy to pass off the pleasure. Let me know. Also, check out The Dream Shake for some fancy Rockets coverage. Enjoy.