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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Hawks- 1/28/09


Sorry I'm late. Your Knicks are at home tonight to face the wily Atlanta Hawks. ATL is without big man Al Horford, which benefits the undersized Knicks, but this is still a tough matchup. I'll be keeping an eye on Wilson Chandler. Can he keep up his fine play off the bench? Also watch for the matchup with Joe Johnson. Several Knicks should see time against Atlanta's most difficult cover, and he's been known to torch the Knicks.

Come hang at P&T if you're snowed in and watching the game like me. Also, if you have the means, I highly recommend Peachtree Hoops for Hawks coverage. It's so choice.

Oh, and this is a big game. Don't miss it for that nonsense Lost program. That show sucks.