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Game Thread: Knicks at Pacers- 1/31/09


Evening, cuties. Tonight's matchup with the Indiana Pacers is a crucial one. With the Lakers, Cavs, and Celts rolling in this week, the Knicks desperately need to rise to the occasion against a relatively mild opponent. That said, there are a number of red flags heading into tonight's game. One is simply that the Knicks have a tendency to falter in winnable games. Particularly after wins against Houston and Atlanta, I think we've all got a nagging suspicion that tonight will be a letdown. I like to imagine that the guys are all business at this point, but one can never know. Likewise ominous are the Pacers' strength (13-9) at Conseco and the Knicks' propensity for homesickness (6-16).

Anyway, Jarrett Jack and friends broke our hearts earlier this month, so here's hoping the Knicks can beat the odds and get a measure of revenge. Stick around for comments galore (first topic: Anybody else have a feeling that Marquis Daniels sheds his skin now and then?) and stop by Indy Cornrows for expert Pacers analysis and poodle-grooming tips. Your recap this evening will be provided by P&T's Midwestern correspondent, Anthony Mason's Haircut.

Tipoff's at 7. Come join the game thread. I suggest that first-timers prepare some penis jokes in advance.