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Training Camp Notes: Day 3, Evening Session

Evenin', friends. After a brief detour at my intramural volleyball game, I'm back home to reflect on another evening of intrasquad scrimmages. There'll be no video from me tonight, as the esteemed Tommy Dee was in attendance and got plenty of good footage. His stuff is being edited and will be up at TKB any moment now. In the meantime, here's what I saw:

- Jordan Hill got a lot more touches than he had previously, but didn't quite have the range. He was fully willing to pull from anywhere out to the three-point line, but just didn't have his legs under him. Down in the paint, Hill's moves were sharp- he had a few gorgeous fakes and a particularly nice spin move- but the shots just wouldn't fall. Both inside and out, Hill's form is solid. It's just confidence, strength, and shot selection. I suppose that's kind of a full plate, but I've got faith in Jordan. I'm an optimist. Sue me.

- Maybe my eyes are fooling me, but I'd swear that Larry Hughes and Wilson Chandler have each worked on their shot trajectories. Hughes has added more arc to his signature line drive, while Wil's moonballs have fallen to earth a little bit. Both looked decent today.

- Guys, Jared Jeffries is hitting jumpers pretty regularly. I don't know how else to say it. Visit the zoo while it's still in business.

- Danilo Gallinari didn't shoot poorly, but his misses were uniformly short. Gotta wonder if the full court play is starting to tire out those legs, especially given the extra time he's had off.

- Al Harrington is a serial jersey-puller. I don't know if he's at Malik Rose's level yet, but he's got plenty of sneaky tricks. Ask Jordan Hill.

- UPDATE: I can't believe I forgot this. Rick Brunson was there. In the flesh. Now I know what it feels like to be in the presence of greatness.

Other than that, things were pretty regular-like. I got a couple of nice interviews today, and have more planned. I'll be back at practice tomorrow morning. Keep an eye out for Tommy's videos and we'll talk on the morrow. Be safe.