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Saturday Bilbies

Hello, all. To keep the interest alive and cloud our memories of last night's slopfest, let's hit the links.

- I made a quick appearance on yesterday and had a nice li'l talk with Tommy. Check it out.

- Meanwhile, also at TKB, Tommy ponders Chris Duhon's viability as the Knicks' starting point guard. There is mention of sour butter.

- In the midst of preseason lineup shuffling, Alan Hahn wonders if Al Harrington might work off the bench in a sort of Ginobili-esque role. I say it's worth a try.

- It's time to get to know Marcus Landry, y'all. He's a bulldog of a ballplayer, and a family man, as well.

- The DoC is back in the wake of some major life events. Congrats to Shoals, who got hitched a few weeks ago, and to Ken, who became a father this week. Everybody welcome Walter Clyde Drews to Earth. (That's gotta be the name, right?)

Dassit, folks. Have a triumphant Saturday.