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P&T Does DoC Once More

The Disciples of Clyde just dropped the latest episode of their critically-acclaimed podcast, and you should listen to it for several reasons:

- You should listen to every episode of DoC.

- Disciple Ken recently became a father, and we learn that Ken's progeny was given almost exactly the name that I predicted for him. This reveals that Ken is as cool/psychotic as I am (Update: I've been told that the young Drews's namesake isn't who I thought it might be. If anything, that makes me more prescient. Word.)

- Disciple Dan and Bethlehem Shoals spend a good half hour discussing the upcoming season. If, like me, you're most excited by rookies and middling teams with lofty dreams, you'll find it quite refreshing.

- Dan was kind enough to let me be on the show for a second time. I share some behind-the-scenes stuff from training camp, and we talk about preseason and our expectations for the '09-'10 campaign.

Here's the episode.

If you've got an hour and change to kill, go ahead and have a listen. If it's your first time with the Disciples, click around and check out their stuff. It's the tits.