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Danilo Gallinari is now on Twitter. Brace yourself.

You might need to sit down for this one.

MSG's Tina Cervasio is a big presence on Twitter, and her most recent tweet sends us to a forbidden land we never thought we'd find:

Danilo Gallinari's Twitter account.

It's brand spankin' new, completely pictureless, and nearly devoid of followers, but Tina's got the inside connection and knows what she's talking about. This seems legit. (He should find a way to change the little Twitter bird into a rooster. Just saying.)

As far as content, Gallo's tweets are half in Italian, but there are plenty of English gems like this:

Just finished the first session of practice...good feeling..

Danilo Gallinari on Twitter is the next frontier of internet entertainment. I am thrilled, and you should be too.