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Monday Pottos


Hiiiii guyssssss. The Knicks tip off a new season on Wednesday. In meantime, let's see what's making news on these here internets.

- Mike D'Antoni's new season resolution is to have less beef with the refs. I'd say that's a fair goal. There were times last season when I felt like he was wasting timeouts to jaw with officials, instead of communicating with his team. I really like D'Antoni's tendency to stick up for individual players after a bad call, though. I hope he keeps that up.

- Mike Kurylo of Knickerblogger thinks the Knicks will have a slightly better record this year than they did last year, and explains why. The rest of ESPN sees them dropping off slightly.

- From Barbara Barker at Newsday, Mike D'Antoni on Toney Douglas:

"Toney will be a significant part of the rotation and keep growing into a bigger role," D'Antoni said.

Excellent news.

- Chris at TKB takes a look at the big picture in the Eastern Conference and doesn't see much room for the Knicks in the playoff hunt.

- Just a reminder for any of you in the P&T Fantasy League: The draft's tonight. I won't be around, so my guys are pre-ranked (a.k.a. I removed all the players I don't like from the list).

- KD points out that, well, the Knicks' last two lottery picks, Danilo Gallinari and Jordan Hill, didn't shoot especially well in preseason.

- According to Wikipedia, Virginia Woolf was nicknamed "Potto".

I'll leave you with that. Later, y'all.