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Tuesday Pacaranas


Hello, children. I hope y'all enjoyed the first round of interviews. I've got two more short videos to post this week, which I think you'll find funnier and more P&T-relevant. For now, let's take a gander at the various Knicks-related items popping up around the internet.

- Peter Vescey (who was in attendance for several days of training camp) wrote up a very informative piece regarding David Lee and this summer's flirtation with the Portland Trailblazers. Dave's pretty forthright about the affair.

"They felt I'd fit in perfectly with LaMarcus and Aldridge," Lee said. "Believe me, I was flattered. They've got a great team."

But ultimately, the lack of playing time and Dave's appreciation of the Knicks' new direction kept him around, at least for the year.

"If this was the old regime with all the accompanying craziness I would've been outta here," said the Knicks' starting center. "But I talked to Mike [D'Antoni] a lot over the summer and I'm down with everything he and Donnie [Walsh] are trying to accomplish.

- Did you know that Jordan Hill's last name can also refer to a steep area of land that is difficult to traverse? 

- A few of my blogger friendz at The Fanhouse are previewing each of the NBA teams, and just covered the Knicks. The real gem is this Tom Ziller's "Player to Watch": none other than Danilo Gallinari. TZ investigates Gallo's marvelous eFG% (something I mentioned in my ode to the man's greatness), and concludes that this season will be the kid's chance to prove it weren't no fluke. I suppose you could say Tom's drinking the Kool-Aid. I bathe in that shit.

- Tommy Dee sums up all his impressions of Knicks training camp in a good, long interview over at Big Apple Channel.

- In his new blog over at SLAM, Matt Lawyue interviews Alan Hahn about life on the Knicks beat. I got my own chance to speak with/eavesdrop on all of the Knicks beat writers last week, and gained even more of an appreciation for the rigors of that job.

- The pacarana is like a big, fat guinea pig that putters around the forests of South America. I aspire to have a chariot pulled by pacaranas.

- The Ridiculous take on the Knicks' training camp invites, some of whom will probably be cut within the next few days.

That's it for now. Keep an eye out for more video coming your way pretty soon.