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Don't expect Eddy Curry to be showcased anytime soon.

<em>(Photo Credit: Dan Erkes)</em>
(Photo Credit: Dan Erkes)

Our collective joy over Eddy Curry's supposed return to form is/was twofold. For one, Eddy's put up solid numbers in previous years as a Knick, and it would be excellent to regain that contribution. For two, Eddy's lengthy contract is a bit of an albatross around the neck of Donnie Walsh, who'd like as much cap space as possible in the coming years. Thus, if Eddy's comeback went well, Walsh could have used him as trade fodder to pick up deals that expire this summer. Anyway, forget all that. Alan Hahn (via Barbara Barker, apparently) snaggled some words from Walsh that lead us to believe the comeback's on pause until further notice:

"While he did a lot this summer, he's not ready to go out there and play at NBA speed," Donnie Walsh said at practice today. "We're going to take longer to get him out there, because every time he comes out on the floor, he pulls a muscle."

Detect a little frustration? Me too. Either way, you can probably scratch "#4: Make Eddy Curry look good, then trade him." off Donnie Walsh's plan for world domination, at least for the time being. Oh well.

Poor Eddy.