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Video: What Do Toney Douglas Do?

If you watched Knicks Summer League action, you probably saw the interview that took Posting and Toasting by storm. Toney first used the line in Vegas, during a halftime conversation with MSG's Tina Cervasio. When asked how he might adjust to NBA play, Toney replied that, among other things, he'd simply "do what Toney Douglas do". Naturally, the P&T community was enthralled. I added the DWTDD button to the side bar and encouraged any and all to heed that sage advice.

We needed clarification, though, on how best to follow in Toney's footsteps. At training camp here in Saratoga Springs, I sought Toney out for some tips on his way of life. Here's the short li'l video.

You heard it from the man himself. No matter what else you do or how you do it, do what Toney Douglas do. (Directed by Jacob Wolf).