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"Do What Toney Douglas Do": THE SHIRT

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There's been clamoring about it for a while, and it's finally done. Posting and Toasting has its first official t-shirt. A benevolent reader (who, being a real gentleman or gentlelady, asked to remain anonymous) sent me this pro-ass design and I ran with it. 

If you don't get the reference, first check out Toney's Summer League interview with Tina Cervasio, then watch my own interview with the man from last week

Long story short, Toney is a premier basketball player and a model citizen. You should DWTDD and encourage others to do the same. I can think of no better way to express that than this particular article of swag.

Also, a couple things. First, recognize that there are oodles of choices for the size/shape/quality/color of the shirt itself. You can even buy a little onesie and get your offspring D'ing WTDD straight out the womb. Also note that I made these things as cheap as I possibly could. The default is a slightly pricier Am Appy t-shirt, because those are soft as hell, but you can make it any which way you want. Oh, and it says "Posting and Toasting" on the back. Ballin'.

Anyway, live the lifestyle, spread the word, and buy the shirt. Click here to check 'em out.