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Nate Robinson will miss time.

Nate Robinson took an awkward fall last night against Philadelphia and had to leave the game early for what appeared to be a leg injury. It turns out that Nate sprained his right ankle, and according to Alan Hahn, will have to sit out for a bit.

Mike D'Antoni said today at practice that Nate Robinson's right ankle sprain, which he suffered during the fourth quarter of Saturday's overtime loss to the 76ers, will keep him out of Monday's game against Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets.

D'Antoni also said the Knicks may be without their 5-9 energizer for 10 to 14 days.

Nate hadn't yet found his offensive groove, so this time off could either set him further back or give him a shot at a fresh start on the season. Either way, the Knicks shouldn't suffer all too much in the meantime. Larry Hughes showed last night that he's capable of making an impact, while Toney Douglas is waiting patiently for his turn to shine. Hahn mentions that the timing is a bit of a shame, as Robinson and the Hornets' Chris Paul had a superbly chippy match-up last March. I suppose we'll have to wait for round 2.