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Wednesday Trioks

Good day, pilgrims. The Knicks are signed up to play basketball against the Atlanta Hawks at home tonight. In the meantime, let's take a look at what's floating around the world wide web.

- Eddy Curry practiced with the team yesterday and...Holy Jared Fogel, what happened!? has the words and video on the big guy, who looks like his own little brother right now. I saw Eddy in person no more than 6 weeks ago and the amount of progress he's made is astounding. I was ready to discount his ever playing this season completely, but things appear to be looking up.

- From that same article, Nate Robinson practiced yesterday and could be ready to go against Atlanta tonight. The Knicks could badly use his offense, provided he can relocate his shooting touch.

- Trey Kerby runs the "Phenomenal Swag" feature at Ball Don't Lie, and happened upon some fresh kicks for the suffering Knick fan/hipster in your life. I think we can call these people "Knicksters". 

- You'll probably object to my invoking the name of Charles Smith in this space, but you should know that he's been up to some philanthropy since becoming dead to you in '94. Howard Beck profiles Smith's engagement with the NBA Retired Players Association.

- Mike Kurylo of Knickerblogger tells Donnie Walsh what's what about advanced statistics and for yourself.

- Danilo Gallinari isn't on the All-Star ballot, which infuriates me. It also infuriated me when Danilo Gallinari wasn't elected president or named Top Chef or America's Next Top Model. ALL THESE HATERS. I wouldn't be surprised to see some cock in the three-point shootout, though. And by that I mean Daniel Gibson might participate.

- I have a feeling that a few of you will foam at the mouth after reading this bit of opinion on Chris Bosh. If you do foam at the mouth, you should consider getting treatment.

- All I'm saying is don't let your guard down around that Tate's triok. Something fishy about that character.

Come back later for a Knicks-Hawks game thread and maybe my celebrity sex tape. Maybe.