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Warriors 121, Knicks 107

So, if it wasn't clear before, I think it is now. The Knicks are a very, very bad team. I know this because the Warriors are a very bad team, and they carved up New York like it was nothing. This Knicks squad is in a whole 'nother league, bros. The game was pretty much what you expected: lackadaisical defense by both squads and oodles of shots. As tends to be the case, though, it was the Warriors that connected on those oodles, while New York couldn't really find the range.

Notes and such, after the jump...

- This game featured some of the smallest lineups you'll ever see in professional basketball. Don Nelson had no problem trotting out Corey Maggette and Stephen Jackson as his big men at points, and Mike D'Antoni responded with a lineup featuring Al Harrington and Wilson Chandler at the 4 and 5. As you can imagine, jump shots were plentiful.

- D'Antoni finally let Darko Milicic and Jordan Hill spin. The fact that he did so against the one opponent without a real center is typically ironic, but I've decided not to get bent out of shape about it. Darko may have shed some light on the reasons for his benching. He played only 5 minutes in this one, but managed to do absolutely nothing in that timespan. No joke; Darko was a foul away from a trillion. Jordan Hill, meanwhile, started the third quarter and was active as hell. He had 5 fouls in 14 minutes (at least one of which was bullshit), but did plenty of good. He nailed a couple of 18-foot jumpers, had a nice put back, and threw down a pretty viscous transition dunk. Jordan doesn't box out like a pro yet, but he was able to noodle his way to a few rebounds, and was also the the only Knick to ever contest a shot. I should also mention that those five fouls came while Hill was guarding Jackson and/or Maggette, which is just a silly proposition for a 6'10'' rookie. I'm also gonna blame his two turnovers (a bad pass and a palming violation) and his teammates, because that would make me feel better. I wouldn't be all that wrong, either. Jordan Hill looked solid, y'all.

- When I say Hill was the "only Knick to ever contest a shot", I'm looking at you, David Lee. Lee's turnstile defense was at its absolute worst tonight. Had Dave even put a hand up to contest Monta Ellis and Kelenna Azubuike's drives into the paint, this would have been a close game.

- Meanwhile, Stephen Curry got only three minutes for the Warriors, and he spent at least one of the minutes blocking David Lee's shot and then having words with him, which was super awkward. Golden State may have won the game, but I'll take the '09 Draft win for the time being.

- Danilo Gallinari showed up with a fresh haircut and guns ablaze. Gallo had 10 rebounds to supplement his efficient 19 points (7-10), and by "efficient", I mean GALLO NEEDS TO SHOOT MORE. Congrats to Danilo on his first double-double, though. It's funny that a 21 year-old might be the Knick I trust most with the ball.

- Chris Duhon hit a shot.

- Du and Wilson Chandler are decent offensive players, but both pick the worst times to attempt long-range jumpers. If you're gonna take a heat check, you should 1. Be hot and 2. Not be in the midst of an opposing 10-0 run.

- Interesting statistic put forth by Mike Crispino regarding Chandler: Wilson took 6 free throws in the season opener, then took 6 free throws in the next eight games combined. He got to the stripe for 2-3 last night, which is about a quarter of what he could produce if he didn't settle for jumpers.

- Clyde on Stephen Jackson: "He can't control what goes in or out of his mouth".

- Toney Douglas kept up his solid offensive production (15 points, 3 assists, and only 1 turnover this time), but had a bit more trouble than one would expect defending Warrior guards. Toney's not getting over picks like he was in Summer League. He's still the most determined defender on the team, though, and one of the few Knicks who's really a pleasure to watch. Also, he may or may not be growing a beard. DWTDD.

- With 5:30 remaining in the third quarter, the Knick lineup was Douglas, Hughes, Gallinari, Lee, and Hill. As far as I'm considered, there's your starting five. The Knicks are 1-9. I see absolutely no reason why not.

- Clyde to Mike Crispino: "I heard you like desserts".

- My friend and I decided that Al Harrington should convert to Islam, grow a beard, and go by "Al-Farouq Harrington". Partly because that'd be awesome, and partly because the Knicks don't have a draft pick.

- And that's really my central point- something that dawned on me this past week. After ugly losses last year, I'd make my way over to Draft Express and soothe my troubled soul with tales of Blake Griffin and Ricky Rubio. Now? Nothing. I wanna kick Isiah Thomas in the butt.

With that, I leave you. We'll enjoy a few days of respite before the Knicks next play, as they head to Indiana for a Wednesday night matchup. Thanks to everybody who's been showing up for game threads. It's really the best way to keep having fun when the team is this dreadful. Keep stopping by keep up the comments.