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Knicks After Allen Iverson?

The rumors were bound to come. From Frank Isola at the Daily News:

Donnie Walsh will spend the next 48 hours debating what impact, both negative and positive, Iverson could have on the organization. Walsh, the Knicks' president, confirmed last night that the club will explore the possibility of signing Iverson, the former league MVP who was placed on waivers Tuesday by the Memphis Grizzlies.

"We'll look into it," Walsh told the Daily News. "Right now, I'd say probably not but we'll see."

I see the logic behind this potential move, but my opinion falls in line with a few things Isola mentions in his article. I don't see the point. The idea that we need some sideshow to keep us occupied until July seems childish. Similarly, the notion of signing Iverson to win some games is shaky because 1. Iverson at this point in his career isn't enough to make these Knicks competitive, so why bother? and 2. Paying for wins just to spite Utah (the owners of New York's draft pick) is unnecessary. It's Utah. The big thing, though, is that Iverson would steal minutes from Toney Douglas, which seems backwards, given that Toney's a long-term investment and AI would be a rental.

Long story short, the interest is to be expected, but I don't see it amounting to anything for the reasons mentioned above. Would you guys support an Iverson signing? Share your thoughts (preferably in the form of limerick, if you can manage it) in the comments.