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Can Eddy Curry make a difference?

It's becoming time for Eddy Curry to prove his worth. However "rusty" he is, the Knicks could use Eddy's size to impede opposing slashers and big men and allow David Lee to play his natural position of power forward. Defense has never been Curry's calling card, but if the big fella's newly svelte stature is not an optical illusion, he should be able to run the floor and at least make a passing effort at contesting shots.

As for tonight's game in Indiana, the word from Alan Hahn's Twitter is that Curry won't start just yet (Toney Douglas will!), which is to be expected. If Eddy's up to it, though, expect him to get real minutes against the Pacers' Roy Hibbert, who simply cannot be checked by any of the other rotation Knicks.

Do you have faith, though? I'm personally worried to fall into this trap again. I was excited over the summer for an energized Curry to compete for minutes with Jordan Hill and Darko Milicic, but that really hasn't panned out. Eddy looked nice in training camp, but went down almost immediately to a leg injury. Meanwhile, the other two big men haven't gotten nearly enough time to spin, but I digress. It's hard to get over the possibility that Curry's body will quickly break down once more, though his much-improved physique might give us a glimmer of hope. If he's healthy enough to compete, this could be Eddy Curry's chance to prove he can still have an impact. If things go to plan, it sounds like that quest could start tonight. Whether his presence can improve the 1-9 Knicks remains to be seen.