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Game Thread: Knicks at Nuggets- 11/27/09


Hello, all. Hope everybody had an excellent Thanksgiving and is comfortably tucked away with leftovers tonight. I, for one, just ate a bowl of turkey soup and am already about 6 cookies deep with no end in sight (and half a pumpkin pie in my crosshairs as well).

There's some basketball to be seen tonight as well, as the Knicks are in Denver to face the Nuggets. I'll likely be out and about during the gametime hours, but I'll catch as much as I can and stop by the game thread when the opportunity strikes. I'm also recording the game, but I've learned that my willingness to watch another ugly Knick loss hours after the fact isn't all that reliable. That being the case, if anyone would like to take a shot at recapping tonight's game, I'd grant you that right.

Stop by for comments, check out Denver Stiffs, and have a marvelous night. Tipoff's at 9.