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Pacers 101, Knicks 89

I missed this one, and I'm damn glad I did. What the hell happened?

Update: Berman makes it pretty clear:

It was that bad. Sickening possession followed sickening possession -- seven straight midway through the fourth without a point. There was a shot-clock violation caused by a bad Hughes pass. Chris Duhon forced an ugly running banker. Lee set an illegal pick. Harrington bricked an open jump shot, then on the next possession lost the ball in the lane. Danilo Gallinari, who had a quiet 11 points, missed on a running hook shot with 2:00 left.

Lee, so hot with his mid-ranger jumper lately, clunked one off the side rim with 1:02 left, down six, to continue the disaster. T.J. Ford (16 points) came down and sank the clinching jumper, giving the Pacers a 97-89 lead with 49 seconds left.