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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Jazz- 11/9/09


Good evening, all. Tonight's game against the Utah Jazz is important for all sorts of reasons. One is simply that the Knicks have lost three straight since beating the Hornets and desperately need to get back in the win column. Another is the perpetual headache that is the Knicks' 2010 lottery pick, which is headed to Utah. Every loss brings the Jazzes closer to John Wall and Derrick Favors. A loss to Utah would be the absolute worst.

Meanwhile, tonight's game will be preceded by a special feature called "Dinner with Danilo" in which Tina Cervasio eats dinner with Danilo Gallinari and a gathering of his friends and family. You probably shouldn't miss that.

This here thread is for all of you watching the game and, of course, the meal. Stop by throughout the night to comment and head on over to SLC Dunk for all things jazzy.