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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Suns- 12/1/09


Evening, bros and broads. The Knicks are at home tonight to face the monstrous Phoenix Suns, owners of a 14-3 record and some talent that Mike D'Antoni must sorely miss. I have a weird feeling about this one, and when I say "weird", I'm referring to the unthinkable. For whatever reason, I think the Knicks are gonna win tonight. I don't know where this feeling stems from, and it's most certainly absurd, but wouldn't I look like a gangster if the Knicks did manage to knock off the league's best team?

Come on by if you're watching and post as many comments as your little fingers can type. After that, head over to Bright Side of the Sun. After that, make a grilled cheese and eat it. After that, go to bed.

Go Knicks. I'm feeling a W.