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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Heat- 12/25/09


Merry Christmas, urrybody. As you read this, I'm high up in the clouds, headed out west for a little vacation. Either that, or I'm whithering away in an airport somewhere. If League Pass Broadband does me right, I'll be able to catch all the Knicks while I'm out of town. Today, though, I'll be absent from the gametime festivities. Enjoy the Knicks' return to the Christmas Day slate, and keep the thread alive while I'm gone. If anybody is interested in taking a break from their celebrations to recap (hopefully in a celebratory manner), let me know.

Both Jonathan "Legs" Bender and Jermaine "Groins" O'Neal are questionable for this one, but the we all know the main focus is Dwyane Wade, and more specifically, beating Dwyane Wade senseless in front of a capacity Garden crowd. What better time than Christmas to send a message?

Have a good one, y'all. Comment away and check out Peninsula is Mightier for the opposing perspective. Go Knicks.