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Nate Robinson Fined $25,000 For...

...what, exactly? From Frank Isola at the Daily News:

Nate Robinson was fined $25,000 by the NBA Monday for his agent requesting a trade.

In a statement, the league announced that Robinson was penalized "for public statements detrimental to the NBA." The league also acknowledged that "the statements, which concerned a trade request, were made by Robinson's agent, Aaron Goodwin, on Dec. 19."

Odds are Nate and his agent spoke before any statements were made, but this still comes across as all kinds of ridiculous. Here's what the commissioner is miffed about, in case you're in the dark here. You'll see nothing from Nate himself, nor anything from Goodwin that implies that he's acting the part of mouthpiece. Public trade demands are tacky by nature, but this is just about the most professional way one can go about it. Add in that Nate's been nothing short of a boy scout since his benching- he's always the first one off the bench to cheer on his teammates- and the league looks pretty silly right now. I doubt this goes unnoticed by the players' union, and with good reason.